Content Marketing Is The 2013 Internet Marketing Kingpin According To Agam Berry

Content marketing has been around for a very long time. Multi-million dollar companies have been successful just because of content marketing and proper utilization can be exactly what it takes to transform a struggling business, service, or product into a highly successful, money-making machine. Agam Berry strongly believes that, in addition to properly maintained internet marketing avenues, content marketing is the key to customer engagement, traffic generation, and high prospect conversions.

What is content marketing?

According to Agam Berry, content marketing is a complete strategy that uses multiple channels to provide prospects and customers with answers, information, and knowledge without forcefully trying to sell. Take the brand Jell-o, for example. In its early years it was hard to sell the just-add-water white powder because no one really knew exactly what it was or how to use it. The owner of the company at the time decided to print his own cookbook full of Jell-o recipes and hired salesmen to hand out these cookbooks, for free, to any women they saw. As a result, the women were educated about the product in an interesting, practical way and it ultimately became the key strategy for the company’s success, generating millions of dollars.

How can I use content marketing?

In 2013, taking advantage of content marketing is more important (and easy) than ever. The first thing you have to do is determine your target market. Once you know who you need to provide information for you can easily decide what type of information they need.

If you are a dentist, for example, that only deals with children your target market is most likely going to be women (mothers are usually the ones who take their kids to the dentist and set up appointments) between the ages of 25 and 40. Once you determine your audience, you can decide the type of free information you can give them that will educate them and soft-sell your services.

A free eBook titled “Get Your Kid ToLove Brushing His Teeth – 7 Tips For Your Child’s Oral Hygiene” and giving it to your prospects will show your knowledge, making you an expert in your field. It will instantly build trust with your prospects, and it can be used as a way to open the lines of communication between you and your target market.

So why is 2013 the time for content marketing?

Simple: because of social media. Everyone is connected to each other online. According to Agam Berry, the prevalence of social networking has made free, educational material easier than ever to share and distribute. By giving your content marketing products to just a few people in your target market, you can set off a viral chain reaction that has your content everywhere in a matter of days.

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