Agam Berry reviews The Lean Startup

10 years ago, a study was published about the success (and failure) rate of small businesses in America. Most people were absolutely astounded to discover that nearly 70% of all businesses started in America would fail – yes, fold up shop completely – within five years of opening their doors for business.

And that was in a relatively solid and steady economy. Just imagine what that rate is today.

Luckily, by paying close attention to all of the information provided by Eric Ries in his groundbreaking bestseller The Lean Startup, you’ll be able to “bulletproof” your business and enjoy a much higher rate of success then your direct competitors – all without too terribly much effort whatsoever.

Focusing on the 80/20 principle when it comes to building a business

The first thing that Agam Berry really had a “sink in” while reading The Lean Startup was the principle that Eric Ries dubs the “80/20 rule”.

Basically proposing that you will be able to enjoy 80% of your results by focusing on 20% of your operations, this is an entirely new spin on building a business as a lean and mean as humanly possible – all while enjoying ridiculously big results at the exact same time.

Giving you complete and total permission to fire off maybe 80% of your customer base (the customers that are unproductive and actually robbing you of time and money) while focusing on the 20% of your customers that provide 80% of your business – and making this 80/20 trim a big part of all your other business operations, you’ll find that your business has never been the same once you begin implementing.

Providing you with a complete and total roadmap from a simplified and streamlined startup that you can begin in the back bedroom of your home (riding the success of that operation all the way to one of the biggest offices in a major city if you so wish), this will teach you how to get off the ground with as few resources as possible – allowing anyone (and we mean anyone) of the chance that real success in business.

A fundamental shift from the way that most business is conducted

The thing that’s probably going to surprise you the most is the major fundamental shift that The Lean Startup proposes right from the very beginning. Telling you that there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to go out and drum up ridiculous amounts of funding (and at the same time selloff ownership in your business) when you’re just trying to find your way but instead giving you a roadmap to create a lean business, this is the kind of play-by-play action you’ve been looking for.

You’ll learn how to push more product out the door (and at the same time learn how to build a better business by doing so), fully implement advertising and marketing strategies that catch the attention of your marketplace even in all of the clutter from your direct competitors, and showing you exactly what key metrics you need to pay attention to for business success.

Definitely one of the most recommended books out there right now in the business world, Agam Berry believes this resource has the power to change the way you conduct business on a daily basis.

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