Agam berry- An insight for top free seo audit

Popularity is one of the best things for any web, the higher you aim, the more you need to work on it. Thus, Google will place the most valuable on top. They particularly value the pages related to the theme of the site links web. A free seo audit may be a good beginning. Agam berry will help you unleash your talent by guiding with the below hints.

Free seo audit- What is the importance of SEO

There are many important facts. Do not abuse of capitalization. Use them correctly and not the entire title. Focus on your target. A free seo audit can give you a general approach. When we do a Google search, the title of your page is what appears larger in the list of searches. If your degree is not relevant or is unattractive, does not work.

With these tips you’ll assure you that optimizing the titles of your HTML or landing pages correctly and the medium to long term give its benefits.

Tips to improve positioning

Always use titles on your pages. The title should describe briefly spoken of that page, using the main keywords. The title or not to let the program that makes the Web put a default title is a common mistake. Rich content and texts are highly valued by search engines. The uses of the main keywords in these tags help to better position the web.  Bold and Italic are more important than the conventional letter. Appropriate use of key words on the page gets better results. In addition, remember about:

  • The careful choice of anchor text (the text that points us), before giving up at any web site. The text that says is the most important is to take time out for a search string or another.
  • The density of a keyword within the text of the page is not as important, but it will help that the keys are in the BODY, good density is considered a key which is between 2% and 5% of the total text.
  • Although Meta tags are increasingly being used less, are some search engines that continue to make extensive use of them. We must never forget to put on every page, at least, the Meta Tag description and keywords.

Any free seo audit will emphasize on the search engine spider, which usually only read SRC and HREF links, so it is not advisable to link the pages differently. If you are using JavaScript, java, flash or other to link the pages, it is advisable to include a site map or sections NOSCRIPT for the spider knows the way forward. The descriptive text in internal links helps improve the positions. Use key text from the links from the same site is something that gives more weight to links, and improves the chances of the web in search for those keys. Descriptive file names with keys are a great help compared to traditional file names as home, main, 1, 2 … that are truly indifferent to position ourselves for when the theme of our website.




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