Agam berry- A wise seo contract to get benefits

In contrast to the SEO we can talk about strategy, it is a constant work. Advantages of SEO are infinite. You might want to establish a wise and complete seo contract. Agam berry reveals important data within the most common seo benefits:

v  Measurable results: Customers who use SEO, as in the SEM, can be measured with great accuracy the return on investment dropped seeing the detailed statistics of daily users of its site.

v  Appearance in the lookup column (the left): Unlike the SEM, once your site is positioned it will appear in the lookup column by the user, which is the most consulted. To position itself in this column, your site should be of interest to Google, so users know they will find good content related to your search.

v  First page: Once placed, your site will appear on the first page (not secured the first position) of Google, which is the most accessed by users.

v  Independence: While the cost of a placement through SEO is usually higher than that of an SEM campaign, once your site is positioned so you just have to make monthly or bimonthly maintenance (depending on each case) and not depend on Google for your site to appear or not. Nor will depend on the value of your keyword is too expensive or not.

You need to find the proper seo contract or else you may experience disadvantages.  SEO is not a method for people anxious or companies that need an immediate appearance online, but is a process in the medium and long term. While often begin to see results within a few weeks, this will depend on the keywords, competition and other factors, so that normally a SEO, it takes a minimum of 4 to 6 months of daily work.

Seo contract- Few keywords

Unlike the SEM, where we will put a lot of keywords so users find us in the SEO will have to go little by little (in principle no more than 4 or 5 words), from less to more, since it is preferable to set targets by positioning a few keywords and once it has fulfilled the same to follow another. Thus, it all depends on the seo contract, too.

By natural positioning we must not forget that what we are doing the SEO is to increase the web in general but with particular emphasis on the criteria that may interest you. In conclusion, we can say that a thing should not replace the other, we are keen to do a combination of the two, especially in the first 4 or 6 months are the hardest. A good seo contract is an investment in the future where your site will be optimized and promoted in the network, but the fact SEM campaigns for times of year when demand for your business is higher, or to launch a product can be very interesting.








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