Agam berry- A general approach about seo quotes

When looking around, you may come across with many seo quotes from various forums. Most often, users state that keyword density is one of the most important factors to be considered for the SEO of a site.

Agam Berry

At some point this question will come to your mind because it is a recurring theme on the web and as anyone who just started, you may believe all the seo quotes you read there, until one day Agam berry puts the record straight with a very simple answer: “When you write in your blog, you write to the users, not for search engines.” Needless to say, we leave you a general approach! What can we do to have a keyword density that does not undermine our site? Read below:

ü  Using semantically related phrases, but without repeating them.

ü  Instead of looking for density, find quality keywords.

ü  Use synonyms.

ü  Change the order of words within a phrase with slight variations: “SEO search engine” – “SEO web” – “Positioning your website on search engines”

ü  Use words in singular and plural.

ü  Use the suggestions listed in the Google search bar when we started to type a phrase or word.

ü  Follow top and reliable seo quotes.

ü  Use Google Insights Search for trends of most searched keywords.

ü  Use the Google Keyword Research Tool to find out how people search and determine based on this web.

The importance of TITLES

We will now talk about one of the most important factors when optimizing a site for organic seo quotes: The tag TITLE. The TITLE tag is often poorly used, even by colleagues who are dedicated to search engine positioning. Agam berry believes that when we have to optimize a website for SEO, everything has to be in harmony and we must work with clear targets and possible. By this we mean that if, for example, our goal is of positioning the word: “Web Design”, it would be wrong to use as the title of this HTML document, for example, the name of our company. The correct use of the TITLE tag must come from the positioning targets we have set for each document. For this, the main factors to consider are the following:



ü  Use keywords that we have set a target position.

ü  Do not abuse the word count. I do not advise more than 3 or 4 (do not forget that a draft position that is well made, it is gradually and positioning few keywords at a time).

ü  The keywords (keywords) main must be located at first. The more the left is better.

ü  Let keywords are as short as possible and try not to exceed a total of 64 characters in total.

Remember that the keywords should be separated by commas. Simply focus on the top seo quotes. Do not mix keywords in different languages, even if your site is multi-language. In that case they should make an HTML document for each language and optimize each one separately.


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